Jerry W
Rob is not just another motivational speaker that you run into at sales meetings. Hes a common sense speaker that makes you think, with easy to apply concepts that work.
His approach to speaking is with excellent examples that you will remember when you are inthe field. His approach creates a thought provoking concept of success. Rob is a gifted speaker that you never get tired of listening to.
Jerry Wisniewski CPP
Signature Agent at USABG

Rob, thank you for your insightful training on how to sell insurance in this current market. The Needs Analysis you developed flows smoothly and allows me to craft a plan that meets my prospect’s needs and budget.

After implementing your no-nonsense techniques, I sold over $20,000 in annualized premium last week. I appreciate your willingness to share your effective methods, and I highly recommend your training services to anyone that wants to make more money in less time.

Bob L

Rob Liano is one of the greatest minds in the Sales Industry. His new and fresh ideas makes him very unique, and unlike the norm. If anyone, in any industry, wants to take their sales to a new level….give Rob a call, he will change your life!
Scott E
When it comes to skills needed to sell a product, any productthere’s one man who’s head and shoulders above the rest. That’s Rob Liano.
He trains in sales skills and he’s a high integrity guy. I have been working with Rob for a few years now. He is very sharp, confident and considerate. I wish I could clone him to set up telephone sales locations throughout the U.S. 
Greg Lourzel 
R.S.D. Time Insurance (formerly)
We brought Rob in for a five-hour Rock Star Sales Training session in front of our Top Producers. These are brokers already producing at a very high level. Each told me it was some of the best training in sales they had ever received. I would highly recommend Rob Liano’s training to any sales force looking to increase their production. 
Rick Notter 
Director, BCBS of Michigan
Wiley Long
Thank you for helping us raise our team’s performance, and instilling a culture of sales excellence! Through your regular skill training and one-on-one work with our advisors, we have been able to raise our production by nearly 40 percent in less than 3 months! Your skill, humor, and real concern for the sales rep has made working with you a pleasurable and profitable venture. 
Wiley Long 
Medigap Advisors

Peggy IRob is a great communicator. I love the way he can take a complex concept and explain it so everyone “gets it”. We have worked together on a couple projects, and Rob is always upbeat, organized and ready to rock!

Peggy I

Keith WRob has been most helpful with his ability to relate his own sales experience to others. Many out there want to tell you how to be successful in the insurance industry; Rob has shown me how to be successful.

He always has words of encouragement when I need it most. He is a great motivator and teacher. I highly recommend Rob for any type of sales training!

Keith  W

Jamie MRob was informative, witty, and shared secrets that are truly applicable to closing the sale.  In two words, Rob Rocks!

Jaimie M

Jacklyn LRob’s integrity and enthusiasm was AWESOME. After my initial consultation I knew I needed to enroll in his services. The thing I enjoyed most about training was it was not canned, no one size fits all sales training. He individualized it for my needs and simplified the complicated world of sales. Rob is organized, detailed and goes the extra mile for his clients. I consider Rob an asset to any industry and would highly recommend his services.

Jacklyn L

Paul KI just one call closed my first live transfer. I think Im addicted.

Paul K

Nathan CRob Liano you’re a champion! What I respect about you the most is your commitment to helping people achieve massive results, even if there in not a tangible benefit in it for you. that is a sign of a true mentor, friend and LEADER! YOU ARE A COURAGEOUS, INSPIRATIONAL AND LOVING LEADER.. KEEP BEING YOU!

Nathan C

Ed KRob,

I felt your sales presentation was outstanding!

Working with your organized sales presentation will definitely focus the client’s mind in the right direction, give them confidence in you and is the quickest, most efficient way to a sale. Thanks for all the effort that went into it.


Hello Rob, thank you for creating our foundation and giving us coaching and confidence.
Michael Wilhelm
Rob is an absolute Jedi when it comes to business and sales.
Rob knows stuff about business, sales, and people, that very few of us in the business world will ever learn, much less master.
Bert Martinez
Sales & Marketing Consultant
I’ve studied sales since the late 1980’s and I’ve never heard a better way to deal with objections. You nailed it, most sales trainers teach you to be condescending and argumentative. The next step for me is practice and implementation.
Michael M
I’ve seen Rob teach and present first-hand, and I can say that every time he speaks, he brings wisdom, knowledge and enthusiasm to his audiences. And better yet, I’ve seen how his audiences respond to him.
Michael Beck
Executive Coach
When it comes to sales and training, Rob Liano knows the business. He understands the importance of melding technology and the Internet with persistence, a strong work ethic and effective sales strategies to generate and close sales. He not only teaches it; he consistently proves it and puts it to ‘real world’ use. 
Jeremiah Desmarais
Agency Growth Academy
Rob came in to speak with my department at Estee Lauder on innovation, creativity, time management, and work ethic. Rob was able to make an impression on everyone in the department. Each person took something different away from his presentation. 
Jill Hilton CPP 
Estee Lauder
 RodolfoRob is a great leader, trainer and coach. My sales career has benefited greatly from working with Rob. He is very accessible, treats everyone with respect and there for has the respect of all of his colleagues. If you are looking for a top notch sales trainer, or want to work with a great organization you’ve found a great person to work with.

Rodolfo C

Doug KRob and I have worked together in the past to provide sales solutions to his clients. He is a consummate professional in his work. I am confident of his ability to motivate and train anyone to be a better sales professional.

Doug K

Ted RRob provided me with a multitude of good ideas and support, taking the time to provide me with one on one, individualized training. I highly recommend Rob as a trainer, and a person for whom I have a lot of respect and gratitude.

Ted R

Larry HI first met Rob when he was a guest speaker at a convention I was attending. He was great. I then had the opportunity to become a part of an organization he formed and headed. Rob is a great leader always providing information and inspiration to help everyone achieve their goals. His knowledge and energy seems to be boundless.

Larry H

Valerie LIt’s quite evident that all who take part in your trainings and read your daily blog will emerge as a force to be reckoned with. Your innovative techniques, along with your brilliant insights, will certainly make them great.

Valerie L

Pam UI knew his training was worth every penny when he literally gave me HIS sales presentation word for word … this to me was GOLD.  He interacts with people as if they’re his best friend on the phone, and will inspire you to do the same.  His presentation takes care of objections before they even occur which impressed me even more. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be successful with the training he has provided.

Pam U

Dennis WI had a break through Saturday by taking an application for the first time on an internet sales lead. I spoke to 3 people and got 1 application. I followed the script. Also with your training, I went from 3 applications in Jan to 11 for Feb. My goal is 25 for March. My wife told me after listening to me sell on the phone, how much more confident I am. I really believe that I am on my way to make a good income with Internet health insurance sales.

Dennis W

Rosana GRob Liano’s expert advice was crucial when I was transitioning companies and not being profitable in this industry. His techniques are amazing but what really impressed me was his philosophy about sales, his dedication to the client and his sharpness in deciphering human nature when it comes to our industry. I’m very pleased with my training and I would not hesitate doing a refresher course in the near future.

Rosana G

If anybody is looking to have a group of people taught how to sell, you don’t need to look any further than Rob Liano. He is the absolute best I have ever seen in my life. He uses a thorough approach where his students become actual students of the business.
When Rob is finished with someone, they know the business inside out. Rob focuses on overcoming objections, and he is a master at the technique. He makes you want to buy more. Rob has trained over 30 sales professionals for me over the last year, and I can’t wait for the next batch.
Andrew M
Rob has vast experience in the sales environment. His track record speaks as he’s been able to start a successful sales force from the ground up, and has beena delight in working with regarding retention and satisfied customers.

Brad Lacey 

You can’t succeed if you don’t know what you’re doing. Who better to guide you than someone who’s track record of success includes going from a top producer, to sales trainer, consultant and coach, to best selling author?

Ben Gay III
Author, The Closers
In one short phone call Rob Liano gave me a couple of action steps that changed how I look at my work day and allowed me to become more productiveI’ve always admired how passionate and genuine Rob is, the amount of energy that he brings as well as the level of experiencehe has in sales is a great combination to help motivate anyone! 
Vasilios Markou 
Loan Officer

Jim DRob Liano is a true professional with the compassion, about his business, to benefit anyone who buys from him or works with him. Rob’s desire is to help his clients and help you grow as an individual and business professional.

Jim D

Kathy BRob has an incredible energy that is infectious. He lives the things he teaches and has been a great asset to my business. If you have the chance to work with him take it!

Katherine Bennett

Joe FI had the pleasure of working for Rob Liano as a Health Insurance Agent.

He would be a great asset in helping to motivate and train a sales force to reach its optimum performance. He is truly The Rock Star of Sales Trainers.

Joseph F

Brett OIn the short few weeks I have been working with Rob Liano, he’s made a huge difference and invested more in me than anyone else has. His training system for sales is second to none and is by far the best system I have ever seen. It has made a big difference on how I apply my sales skills. The future looks bright and I am more excited about my career than ever. Thank you Rob Liano!

Brett O

Debbie FYou are truly inspiring. I had been in a funk lately and the weekly meetings you provide have really gotten me motivated to know I can do better.  You have put a new perspective on selling and it does work. My phone hasn’t rung so much with return calls in a while.

Debbie F

Chris SThanks so much for the training today.  Sometimes as a salesman it is easy to fall into bad habits and short cuts.  That has definitely been my downfall lately.  I think this will help tremendously, it was so much information I’m going to put a cold beer on my swollen brain!!!!

Chris S

Renee CasserlyRob, I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was meeting you. In fact, I would call it “refreshing!” You understand your business very well.  We were most impressed on how often we heard you say, “whatever is best for the customer.”  We seldom here that in our world.

Renee Casserly AVP, Blue Shield of California